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Healthy Student Nurse Challenge "Make a commitment today to be a healthy nurse for the rest of your life!"

Inspired by the American Nurses Association's Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge, BYU Student Nurses Association is sponsoring the Healthy Student Nurse Challenge. Our students will soon be practicing the Healer's Art as nurses. Maintaining healthy habits as a busy nursing student prepares our student nurses to continue living well throughout the rest of their lives. The range of influence that a healthy nurse has on others extends beyond their patients and includes all people with whom they interact. The health of the nation starts with one person.

The rules to participate are as follows:

  1. Pick a goal for the month. Write it down! Plan it out! Make a meaningful and healthy habit happen!
  2. Record how consistent you were at keeping your goal (use the spreadsheet below or make your own).
  3. By the 5th of the next month at 11:59 pm, fill out the Google Form below to tell us how consistent you were at keeping your goal throughout the month. For example, you need to report your success for the month of January by February 5th at 11:59 pm.
  4. Start again the next month. Make a new goal, or keep the same one to really solidify it into your daily routine.
If you report completing at least 75% of your goal for a given month, you will be entered to win in a raffle for a prize. If you complete at least 75% of your goal for all three months (January, February, March), you will be entered to win in a raffle for a grand prize. The semester with the highest percentage of participation throughout the semester (January, February, March) will win a party with a healthy lunch on the last day of classes. Even if you are not eligible for a certain month to be entered into a raffle, still fill out the Google Form so that your participation can be counted for your semester's average.

The goal you choose should be related to a healthy habit such as physical activity, nutrition, rest, safety, or mental health. If you need some ideas for your goals, or you need help making a goal check out the link below!

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