Student Nurses Association
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Benefits of joining BYU-SNA


There are many benefits to joining and being involved in SNA. SNA is a pre-professional organization, and your membership will include membership in the Utah Student Nurses Association (USNA) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). Involvement in pre-professional organizations is something employers look for and will be an important component of building up your résumé. Additionally, SNA will enrich your education with service, expand your opportunities for leadership, mentoring, and networking, and will also provide fun activities. The relationships you develop with other students, faculty, and mentors through SNA will assist you during your time in the program and create opportunities for your future. SNA creates events such as opening and closing socials, service and mentoring activities, creating Homecoming floats, and much more. Join SNA and get involved to find new opportunities and enrich your experiences here at BYU.

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